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  • Met many professional photographers in all kinds of events but Jaeden is the first person I will give honour to as a really professional one!! Engaged his service for my Niece’s 1st birthday party at downtown east chalet… he came on time and immediately knew what he has to do.. he snapped pictures inside outside.. the kids at play . The elderly smiling away .. the buffet spread.. hungry but happy guests.. he’s just great… will definitely recommend him to everyone who is looking for such service… thumbs up Jaeden!!
  • I opted for an outdoor shoot and Jaeden was professional – he even laid on the grass just to take pretty shots of the products! It was warm outside but Jaeden was very patient. After the shoot, he was prompt in post processing and handing the photos to me. Overall an excellent experience! Jaeden is a very responsible and humble person. It will be great to have him again for future projects.
  • Super nice photo taken and very short processing time. He has a wide spectrum of portfolio/ events experience that suit everyone needs. Recommend to engage him as your event photographer.
  • Did our prenatal shoot with Jaeden, wife likes the photos very much... well recommended !~!~!~
  • Jaeden is a very friendly and easy-going photographer. He has captured some fantastic shots for our event. It was a wonderful experience, we would recommend him to anyone!
  • Engaged Jaeden for my boy 1st birthday celebration. He did very well and capture each happy moment at the party. He is very thoughtful and discuss every little details with me. Very pleasant and easy to get along with!
  • I engaged Jaeden to setup an Instaprint photobooth for my wedding and I must say that his services are worth every cent and more! We were able to customize a border on each print and everyone from the wedding dinner had a little souvenir to bring home. I recommend Jaeden and thank him for his professional services rendered to me.
  • Jaeden is very professional. He is very pleasant to work with. Prompt with response when checking on quotations and his availability. Very polite and attentive. He is very passionate and goes beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend anyone who are looking for good pictures, creative pictures to capture those special moments.
  • His pictures were the perfect combination of decor/detail and candids of different moments of our pool party. I was very pleasantly surprised at the speed and quality of photos taken for my daughter's party. Jaeden and his team are great to work with. I highly recommend them and the work they do. I would definitely call them again if I need a photographer.
  • Jaeden went above and beyond for my son's first birthday party. He managed to capture perfect photos of a large group of very active children and was willing to go above and beyond to help make sure he got the best images!




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