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Photo Dimensions

Have you ever wondered why there’s so many mega pixels added to camera equipment these days? Do we really need such high resolution images produced in that little device?

With advancement in technology, any person can take a photograph with their mobile phones and claim themselves as a photographer. For ordinary people who take photographs for leisure, the megapixel and picture dimension most probably doesn’t matter to them. And to most extend, most people probably won’t print their photos from their camera.

However, for commercial advertisers, having a professional camera that can capture at high resolution is important when they want to scale and print photos to poster size.

Below a table for people to consider about the resolution and file size required for maximum print(dpi) size.

Next time when you shoot for your client/yourself, do ask this question. Do I need to print the photos at such high resolutions? Taking this into considerations most probably will save you some hard-disk space. 🙂

Jaeden is passionate photographer who specialize in people, events and weddings photography. He's also has an interest in the digital space and love exploring new technologies.

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