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Checklist for Wedding Highlights

Having covered photography/videography for many weddings over the years, I have my own set of checklist of the must-take moments for my clients the wedding day. Here goes, just sharing for your reference. Although this list may apply more for videography, but some moments are actually nice to be captured on photo too.

1. Morning Preparation
– Quick view of blk/house.
– Makeup equipment
– Wedding dress & heels
– Bride sitting waiting for makeup.
– Bride doing make-up
– Bride doing hairdo
– Bride changed into dress
– Sisters help wear accessories,earrings/necklace
– Bride smiling into mirror while doing makeup.
– Parents/Family help put on veil for bride
– Bride anxious moment waiting for the groom
– Sisters or family making up, and preparing props for gate crash.
– Some close up of gate crash props

2. Gate crash
– Arrival of groom
– Boy open door for groom
– Exchange of red packet and orange
– Groom and brothers walking
– Group shots for groom and brothers, say some motivational cheers before heading to bride home

3. Arrival of groom
– Games and activities of gate crash
– Groom reading aloud love declaration(if there is)
– Tea ceremonies
– Photo taking session(some scene, especially for the parents/elders in the family)

4. Outdoor Portraiture shoot(if time permits)
– Bride and Groom holding each other doing a kiss
– Bride and Groom surrounded by brothers and sisters while kissing
– Bride throw flower for sisters/brothers to catch.
– Bride and groom jog or run down the hill happily
– Groom carry bride and swing/turn
– Jump shots of everyone
– Some scenic shots with the couple

— Highlights video ends here —

Additional Moments:
5. Solemisation Service (if there is)
– ROM ceremony – signing of marriage certificate
– Exchange of vowers
– Couple exchange of rings
– Kiss of marriage.
– Audience clapping
– Couple walk down the path

6. Lunch/Dinner Receptions.
– Some background scene/preparation of reception
– Expression of guest and couple interacting
– 1st march-in
– Cake cutting
– Exchange of wine
– Couple speech
– 2nd march-in
– Toast with audience
– Any special guest speech/performance
– Table-to-Table photo taking session
– Couple first dance (followed by other guest joining in)

Jaeden is passionate photographer who specialize in people, events and weddings photography. He's also has an interest in the digital space and love exploring new technologies.

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