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Exploring Perth, Australia

I did a solo adventurous trip to Perth for one week in last December. It was a pretty amazing trip. My itinerary was pretty tight and only I managed to visit a few places.

Here’s my list of itinerary in case anyone is interested to visit the country:

Day 1 (Night):

– Catching up with some friends for dinner
– Pizza treat was good
– Desserts afterwards was awesome

Day 2: Perth City
– Walking around the city shooting those interesting buildings
– Explored some of the supermarkets around
– Night photography along Perth Harbor. I would say the sunset view is magnificent

Day 3: Maltida Bay, UWA, Kings Park
– Walking along Maltida Bay
– Exploring inside UWA campus
– Walked the forest trail up the hill in Kings Park
– Camped on top of the DNA tower (100-steps) for sunset shoot
– Shoot some night landscape of Perth city on top  the hill in Kings Park

Day 4: Armandale
– Slightly relax day, strolling around town

Day 5: Serpentine Falls
– Transit on bus to some nearby town, and realise that there’s no bus service to the fall itself on a weekday
– Walked 22km to-and-fore along highway. (Suggest anyone to drive up to that place instead)

Day 6: Fremantle
– Visited Marine-time Museum + guided tour inside submarine
– Visited Fremantle Prison
– Visited Fremantle Market
– Explored around Fremantle town

Day 7: Carrousel Mall
– It’s shopping and relax time
– Caught a movie at the cinema

Day 8: Perth City
– Drop-by the Perth Mint for short historical tour
– Flight off Perth in noon

If you would like to see some of the photos that I took, you may visit here.

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