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Hiring a photographer

What you think you’re paying for:

  • Someone to take photographs for a period of time.

What you are actually paying for:

  • Someone to take photos for a period of time.
  • Camera & lenses.
  • Flash & lighting Equipments.
  • Memory cards or film.
  • The amount of money & time spent on training & practice.
  • Traveling to the shoot.
  • Cost & time involved with processing the images.
  • Promotional & website costs.
  • Phone & other expenses spent arranging the shoot.
  • The percentage that goes to the taxman.
  • Insurance.

Not to mention…

  • The payment also has to cover food, housing, bills & all other living expenses.

Still think that offering “exposure” and experience is a fair price?

You wouldn’t expect a plumber, carpenter, hairdresser, doctor, dentist, optician, electrician, chef, mechanics, dressmaker or shop owners to work for free would you?

Jaeden is passionate photographer who specialize in people, events and weddings photography. He's also has an interest in the digital space and love exploring new technologies.

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