Recently we provided photography for Calxy’s 1st Birthday. We were quite surprised by the many personalized themed activities area setup at the party. Here are some photos taken at the event.

Welcome chalkboard
Themed table setup for the foodies & candies
Mini playground for the active kids
Crafts corner to unleash their creativity
Instax photobooth station
Your favourite drink dispenser
Cup-cakes for the sweet tooth
Gifts deposit station
Game stations for the older kids
Enclosed area for the toddlers

Basically OOTB is a company that specializes in creating personalized themed parties. Their designs are 100% original and everything is handmade. They make party decorating that much easier because all their customers need is to go on their website, pick what they want, let them know what they want to say on it and OOTB will create everything and ship them the final product in a box. From there all they have to do is put things in their places and they have a unique party that is truly theirs.

Out Of The Box Parties

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